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A Beginners Guide To Vaping

If you're completely new to vaping this guide will walk you through simple steps to buying your first vape device.

How do e-cigarettes work?

There are many different devices available, but most vape devices consist of essentially the same parts:

  • A battery contained in an outer casing
  • A refill cartridge or atomizer (tank) with mouthpiece

The battery can either be activated by a button or automatically when you inhale through the mouthpiece. Activating the battery will in turn, activate the atomizer.

The atomizer contains a heating coil and a wicking material, usually cotton, which is soaked in e-liquid. The coil rapidly heats the e-liquid in the cotton and turns it into vapour. This vapour can then be inhaled via the mouthpiece.

Choosing your style of vaping:

There are essentially two types of vaping 'mouth to lung (MTL)' and 'direct to lung (DTL)'. The type that you choose to go with will impact which type of device you will need to buy.

'Mouth to lung (MTL)' vaping - Inhaling the vapour into your mouth first, then into your lungs. Inhaling the vapour in this way tends to feel more natural as it replicates the way you would smoke a cigarette.

'Direct to lung (DTL)' vaping - Inhaling the vapour directly from the mouthpiece into your lungs. This method of vaping is usually for someone wanting more airflow and clouds which is carried out with a higher wattage vape device.

Choosing your vape device:

Pod devices - These devices are simple, easy to use and have a small profile. Majority of these devices have refillable pod cartridges, an inbuilt battery and are USB/USB-C rechargeable. 

Vape pens - These devices are pen shaped with a refillable tank. The tank is designed to be filled with e-liquid and requires replaceable coils. The tank will have an airflow chamber that you can adjust to your preference. Vape pens are usually straight forward although some of these devices require an external battery. These devices have a fire button, on and off button (usually 3 or 5 rapid clicks of the fire button) and are USB/USB-C rechargeable (external battery vape pen devices we recommend using an external battery charger, see our battery safety guide for more information).

Vape box mods - These devices either come as a mod only or as a full kit. The full kit includes a refillable tank, replacement coils and a box shaped mod.

As a mod only, you will need to purchase the tank separately.

These devices can hold 1 or more rechargeable Lithium batteries (some of these devices have an inbuilt battery). These devices also allow you to personalise your vaping experience eg. changing the wattage (power) of the device. 

Majority of these devices are compatible with interchanging different tanks. 

The simpler models are great for beginners, however more experienced vapers may prefer the higher wattage, and extra features on a more advanced model.

Choosing your e-liquid:

Choosing an e-liquid flavour when you first start vaping can be overwhelming, but we are here to give you some tips to make it an easy experience.

Majority of e-liquid flavours sold in Australia are 60ml, 100ml, 120ml bottles.

A few different e-liquid flavours:

Tobacco flavoured e-liquids - This appeals to smokers who are transitioning from traditional tobacco to vaping. It can be hard to switch from cigarettes to vaping so a lot of people prefer to stick with tobacco flavours. 

Menthol, Mint, Ice (cold effect) flavoured e-liquids - These flavours add a cooling effect when vaping, or are a great additive to your other e-liquid flavours.

Fruit, candy, creamy & dessert flavoured e-liquids - These flavours speak for themselves, from mango, to grape, to donuts, to pancakes! It's endless. These flavours are very popular on the vape market and are an easy transition if you want to steer clear from the taste of tobacco.

Finding an e-liquid flavour is all about personal taste.

If you would like any further advice or have any questions please contact our friendly team.

Please note that all information provided is a guide only.