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Frequently Asked Questions

What shipping provider do you use?
We use Australia Post, with free express postage available for all orders over $120. Unfortunately once your order is received with Australia Post the delivery process is out of our hands. If your order is delayed, we will do our very best to ensure your order arrives in an adequate time frame.
Do your e-liquids contain Nicotine?
No, nicotine is classified as a Schedule 7 Substance under the Federal Poisons Act, and it's retail sale in any capacity is illegal. We DO NOT add nicotine to any of our e-liquids, and can NOT add nicotine upon request.
Do your e-liquids contain diacetyl?
No, NONE of our e-liquids contain Diacetyl, and we do not source from any flavouring manufacturers that still use Diacetyl.
What ingredients are used in e-liquids?
E-liquids are made with 3 main ingredients, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol and natural and/or artificial flavourings. All of the e-liquids we stock are sourced from various highly reputable manufacturers in the USA and throughout the world. 
Do you accept returns?
E-liquids contain food grade ingredients and they are considered consumables, therefore we cannot accept returns on any of e-liquid we stock.
We do offer a 90 day warranty return policy for hardware and accessories. *Please note our policy excludes replacement coils (please see our return policy for more information). Unfortunately in the vape world you will find that every so often a packet of coils either burns out too quickly or is what we call a 'dud'. This a pain in the a** and as much as we would love to replace the packet of replacement coils, it is not covered under our warranty returns. We are not the manufacturer, we can only pass on feedback to them.